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Weekly Wellness Tip – “Moving The Needle Forward”

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Weekly Wellness Tip – “Moving The Needle Forward”

I can’t really take credit for this tip, but during a recent phone call with my (for lack of a better term) “Life Coach”, Angelo, we spoke talk about balancing responsibilities while maintaining forward progress in our lives. I feel like this is something we can all relate to, but sometimes need a reminder.

When the struggles of life hit, it’s easy to pass over the things we know really benefit our bodies and minds most. Things like the gym, our dietary habits, time with family, personal or professional development, or just relaxing all take a back seat in order to complete the things we deem “important” on that specific day.

When we’re really hustling and have a lot going on in our lives, it’s so much easier to “survive” the day by completing small time tasks that allow us to feel good about having accomplished something so we can sleep better at night. I’m the biggest culprit of this; I’m very good about completing what I call “surface level tasks” without ever really dedicating any time to work on things that are going to develop my life/business for long term success, and this is where the idea of “moving the needle forward” comes into play.

“Moving the needle forward”, without getting to into the weeds of Angelo and my conversation, is about the ability to organize and prioritize, while still doing the things you’re passionate about outside of work so you can still operate at your highest level. Yes, there are days where he doesn’t get everything done that he sets out to do, and yes there are setbacks, but no matter what, he still dedicates some time to develop himself on a deeper level. This time could be dedicated to learn a new sport, a new skill, reading something not related to your job, meditating, etc. In my eyes, blocking out time to incorporate these activities and are in no way selfish as they will benefit your longevity, and your personal and professional growth. But if you’re like me at times and just focus on your daily “To-Do List”, your body and mind are going to start feeling pretty beat up, and this is what’s going to push your needle backwards into regression. This is much like physical movement; if you do a bunch of crappy reps with poor form, instead of working on bettering your overall position/mobility/speed, they start to add up and take a toll, eventually leading to injury/under-recovery/bad habits/plateaus. The idea of the “grind” should not be embraced at the expense of your long-term wellness, and at the end of the day, you need to have pushed your needle towards making some sort of long-term productive change. So go out, schedule yourself some time, and start working towards the BIG things you want to pursue.