Success Stories


We have a great team here at KDA, but we also have an AWESOME group of members. They're some of the most inspirational, hard working, fun loving people we know. But they didn't always start that way. Check out their stories below to see where they came from and where they are now.
  • Edward L.

    KDA is no joke. This gym is truly about working your way to real fitness. The coaches provide super-sharp, practical guidance for each individual. There’s an awesome relatable vibe. I am always comfortable to sweat my way to my limits and listen to the coaches’ guidance. KDA lets me put my guard down and open myself to long-term lifestyle changes.

    The coaches used their expertise in nutrition, physiology, and athleticism to design a personal program for me to enter and grow in this community of health. New gyms can be intimidating, but KDA isn’t a place of egos. They’re indescribably friendly and really care about fixing the bugs in a person’s physique.

    KDA has invested in the highest quality and the widest range of equipment. Everything in the building is cleaned regularly. The high roof keeps the climate open and fresh. All from pro athletes to tentative novices will have all they need. Previously,
    I had never seen many of their really innovative fitness tools.

    No matter what level of fitness you’re at, this place is worth checking out. Contact them with questions. Even better, come workout with us!

  • Margaret L.

    Coming from a yoga background, I never expected to fall in love with Crossfit. However, I agreed to go to KDA with a friend whose deltoid muscles I envied to see what her secret was. What I found was so much more than just “working out” and “gainz” (although who doesn’t love a PR?).

    The coaches at KDA are so knowledgeable, positive, and supportive. Safety and alignment are primary emphases, which jives with my personal philosophy as a yogi. The coaches critically assess your form and help you grow as an athlete with their attention to detail. Also, everyone I get to work out with at KDA is so cool and welcoming; the sense of community helps me achieve far beyond what I thought I was capable of. I genuinely enjoy going to KDA and I learn something new each time I’m in there.

    So, to those of you in your sad, carpeted apartment gyms doing bicep curls while watching CNN: go to KDA, trust the process, and let it transform you.

  • Dan B.

    I was a CrossFit dropout from two other gyms in the Miramar/Sorrento area. The trainers at KDA are so tuned into each member, quick to make an adjustment and scale a movement to your strengths and weaknesses and are truly passionate about your fitness journey.



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