Fitness and Recovery


Knuckle Down Athletics, Home of KDA CrossFit, has become so much more than a gym. It has become a community of amazing athletes and coaches that lift each other up and push each other forward. No matter your experience or strength level, there is a place for you at KDA.
  • Movement Prep Course

    Our Movement Prep Course is perfect for people who are new to CrossFit or would like a refresher on the basics. The KDA Foundations course starts with a free one-on-one consultation to set your fitness goals and to show you how we’d help you achieve them. Then, we will schedule you for one-on-one or small group training sessions where one of our experienced CrossFit coaches will train you through this 5 session course spread over 2 weeks.

    During Movement Prep, we will cover the foundational movements of CrossFit which we regularly program into our group classes. You will learn movement standards and safety, Nutrition 101, CrossFit lingo, and how to scale movements to your own fitness level. Movement Prep can be scheduled by simply filling out the GET STARTED form here.

  • CrossFit

    The backbone of Knuckle Down Athletics is traditional CrossFit workouts, focusing on strength, conditioning, and mobility. These workouts combine gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning in varying degrees and durations to create unparalleled results. From the basic (but all-important) air squat all the way to the very technical muscle up and Olympic lifts, we utilize them all and make it workable for anyone at any level of fitness. We build strength, endurance, agility, technical ability, and general awareness of body and mind by training movements that support functional ability and translate to real life. And of course, there are the aesthetic benefits, too.

  • Knuckle Down Barbell

    The KDA Barbell Club is devoted to offering a competitive weightlifting program which is designed to prepare athletes for the sport of weightlifting in a safe and effective training system. This course will help you build technique and strength over time and to peak at specific times close to competition.

    KDA Barbell Club course is also designed for competitive and non-competitive athletes who need to work on correct movement deficiencies that have developed as a result of poor technique. KDA Barbell Club is designed to ingrain these Olympic weightlifting skills so that the athlete is capable of doing them even when under the stress of a WOD or metcon. It is also designed to develop the explosiveness athletes need to excel in their chosen sports. This class is included in all KDA Fitness Memberships.

  • Yoga

    Join us for KDA Yoga where you will improve your flexibility and balance, promote faster recovery and improved mental strength, and  experience overall better athletic performance. Yoga and CrossFit have different mental requirements and the combination of competitive calmness that you will learn will be one of your new favorite talents. This class can be attended by drop-ins as well as part of the KDA Recovery Package.

  • Mobility & ELDOA

    ELDOAs are very specific and complex techniques that require strong attention to form and correct progressions. Everyone will benefit from the effects of ELDOAs but each person is different and without proper instruction and help from a Certified ELDOA Instructor, these techniques will not be as effective. By attending the classes, you not only receive instruction from a certified instructor but the full hour dedicated to stretching enhances the many benefits including:

    • Normalize Disc Bulges
    • Reduced Degrees of Scoliosis
    • Increased Flexibility
    • Improved Muscle Performance and Tone
    • Normalization of Visceral Function
    • Reduced Stress
    • Injury Recovery and Prevention
    • Reduced Joint Inflammation and Arthrosis
    • Delayed Disc Degeneration
    • Increased Disc Hydration
    • Increased Blood Flow
    • Improved Posture
    • Relief of Chronic and Acute Back Pain
    • Relief of Neck and Shoulder Tension
    • Improved Awareness and Overall Wellbeing
    • Improved Recovery Time for Sports and Training
    • Reduced Forward Head Posture

    “Two years ago, I suffered what ended up being a 27mm herniation of my L5 disc and a smaller herniation of my L4 disc. The radiculopathy was so severe in my legs that at times all I could do was lay on the ground, roll back and forth, and cry.  After months of moxabustion, McKenzie protocol, Acupuncture and Rolfing, Ryan introduced me to ELDOA and it has been A LIFE CHANGER!  The way the different positions target different areas of the spine and specifically the psoas, in my case, is better than any self-treatment I have found. Anytime my back is hurting, which is usually because my psoas has tightened up and is pulling on my low back, I stop and do a few different ELDOA poses and I immediately feel relief. I typically do it 3-4 times a week on my own and try to attend the ELDOA class every week at the gym. This is a must do for any athlete or non-athlete wanting to keep their spine in the best health possible. Injured or not, this is a must have tool for optimal spinal health. Try it.” -Seth R.

  • Personal Training

    Sign up for KDA personal training sessions where one of our world class coaches will work with you to help define your goals, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your fitness level, and coach you through a program designed specifically for your needs. This is the best option for those athletes who are serious about taking their training to the next level.

  • Knuckle Down Sauna

    KDA CrossFit has our very own sauna! No, it’s not just for relaxation; it’s actually an incredibly powerful training tool that has TONS of positive effects on the body and the brain.

    When we exercise, what we are really training our bodies to do is become more resilient to stress (in this case, physical stress) BY practicing stressing it regularly. Hyperthermic conditioning (as we do when we sauna) can help improve our resistance to the sorts of physical stress that our fitness endeavors put on us. Additionally, it has a detoxifying effect, prompts the natural release of growth (and other) hormones, improves circulation, and lowers blood pressure. Just like fitness programs like CrossFit, hyperthermic conditioning requires us to approach it deliberately, with caution, and after speaking with a doctor.



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