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KDA now has an InBody Body Composition Analyzer

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BIG NEWS! KDA has purchased an InBody Body Composition Analyzer. To continue to bring you guys the best of the best and to keep better oversight over your fitness, we decided that instead of referring you out to third party companies all the time for body fat testing and tracking, we would just bring the machine to you for good.

What is it:

What this means:

1. Safer scans that are just as accurate as DEXA but without the radiation.

2. Cheaper cost to you.

3. We can do it all in house and interpret the information as soon as the test is done.

4. Increased frequency that allows us to develop historical timelines.

5. The test only takes a few minutes, and doesn’t require a dunk or travel.

To kick things off, we are running a special for September only!
Promotional KDA Member Price: $30 for a scan, printout with analysis, and a history kept for future scans.

Schedule with Christina ( to get started as early as next week!