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Introducing the KDA Recovery Package

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ELDOA class in action!
ELDOA class in action! Elongating lumbar spines! 

Introducing the KDA Recovery Package – starting AUGUST 1st!

You work hard in the office and in the gym day-in and day-out. Treat yourself to the healing and restoration you deserve. The KDA Recovery Package can be used for our restorative yoga classes (NEW in August!), ELDOA/Mobility classes, and/or a day pass to the KDA Sauna (coming soon mid-August!) – in any combination you’d like. The Recovery Packages gives you the chance to repair your tissues, calm your mind, and recoup for the days and workouts to come with several restorative amenities and options for you here at KDA!

Can I try these things first?

Enjoy 1 class/use for free to try out KDA’s Yoga and ELDOA classes, and a sauna session!

Why is this not included in my regular fitness membership?

These restorative programs require highly specialized training certifications, expertise, and equipment, and are incredibly unique to KDA. We recognize how powerful and potent these tools are in recovering the body, preventing injury, and being proactive in your health and longevity, which is why we offer them to our members at a deeply discounted rate.

How do your prices for Recovery features compare to other facilities?

The early bird (and regular) member pricing are a steal if you plan on using even one of these amenities per week!


  • ELDOA isn’t offered anywhere else in San Diego or even Orange County, and cities that do have this specialized course charge $25/class.

  • Yoga Class drop-ins will typically cost you around $20-25/class.

  • Dry Finnish Saunas will cost you typically $20/day here in San Diego.

Contact us for all the pricing details! Members, check your inboxes or the Facebook group!

When are all these classes going to be offered?

Yoga and ELDOA will both be offered on the weekends starting in August (Saturdays and Sundays at 11:15am, respectively), and we plan to expand both to one weekday evening as well in the fall. The Sauna will be installed mid-August.

Other details:

The Sauna will be installed mid-August. Sauna sessions should be booked a half day in advance to guarantee that we have it heated in advance, and require a separate waiver. More details to come.

Can I bring a friend or family member, or gift this to a loved one?

YES! These make great gifts for your friends and loved ones as well, where they can access a wide variety of options to better themselves, heal their bodies, and calm their minds. Remember, everyone gets a free session to try each offering.


Barbell Class will be added to Saturday mornings at 9am starting in August – and this is included in your current fitness membership – and keep an eye out because another Barbell Class will be added to a weekday evening class in the Fall.

Got more questions?

Get with Christina or Ryan and we will answer them!

Contact us for Pricing information for members, non-members, and early bird specials! 

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