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Episode 9 – Savagery and seeking death everyday. Why you shouldn’t ever settle in life or in athletics with Michael Vespa, GM of Aerial Athletics Inc. and founder of Ruthless in Pursuit athletics.

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Today Michael and I met to talk about his brand Ruthless in Pursuit – a competitive CrossFit blog but also a training mindset. Michael is the head operations manager and chief programmer at Aerial Athletics in Duluth, MN which is where he runs his day job. As a 5-year veteran of the Army where he served as a combat medic, Michael has some serious experience with mindset training and understanding what it means to really push limits. Today he and I dive into the tagline of his brand “Seek death everyday” and what that really means for both the competitive athlete and for all humans as an evolutionary tool and motto to attack life with a new fervor that will allow us to continue to thrive in whatever endeavor we might pursue. Listen closely and get ready to be super fired up from this one!

Show notes:

Athletes we mentioned:

 Josh Bridges #paytheman

Books mentioned:

 Robb Wolf “Wired to Eat”

 Dr. Andy Galpin #unplugged

Where to follow Michael:






 @aerialathletics

 @ruthlessinpursuit

 @factoryforged