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Episode 8 – Talking training age and intensity, the design of Functional Bodybuilding, loving training, and nutrition with Marcus Filly.

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For this episode, we made the trip up to Revival Strength in San Rafael, CA to hang out with Marcus Filly and get his take on training models, intensity, volume and a host of great topics that really showcased Marcus’s passion and love for sport in all aspects as well as his extensive knowledge of what goes on behind the Functional Bodybuilding channel. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

0:45 Marcus’s purpose and what he does
04:40 Shift from soccer to fitness, background as a soccer player
08:30 pursuing fitness in a different way
09:10 is group fitness the best track for entering CrossFit? Sport vs. health and wellness
11:20 Training age
14:27 Training with Dan Felling
16:30 Training age competitive athlete vs. novice
17:40 If you’re a new athlete, do you need intensity?
18:00 Break down goals with new athlete
19:45 what really makes you fit? Intensity vs. volume
27:50 Functional bodybuilding design, goals and Marcus’ coaches
38:54 “Freshening back up” in functional bodybuilding
36:45 balancing family and fitness by bringing down the intensity (note to athletes at home)
38:15 Falling in love with training
44:00 Needing to balance training to avoid burnout
48:00 Having hobbies and guiding the process
49:36 What’s in all those boxes, Marcus? The business of Revive Rx
53:50 Nutrition and supplementation (Chenko Diet – T-Nation archives)
59:00 carb levels for energy and performance
1:00:00 Marcus’s supplementation
1:01:12 Talking about the pec tears
1:03:00 Plans for the next competitive season
1:07 on the spot question’s

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