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Episode 7 – IPF World Championships, what CrossFit can learn from powerlifting, box squats and sumo, and the power of social media with Garrett Blevins

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Today I met with my good friend and both nationally and internationally ranked 105kg/231lb Powerlifter Garrett Blevins. Garrett has been competitively lifting for 8 years and has broken many records including the Men’s American Raw Squat and Total records with a 331.5Kg/729.3 lb squat and an 885.5Kg total/1926 lbs. He is set to compete at the International Powerlifting Federal World competition in Minsk, Belarus at the end of June and will be looking to break some more world records! Today we talk about his journey to Minsk, his training, what the CrossFit community can learn from Powerlifting, the evolution of programming and how to be smart with it, and get into a deeper aspect of discipline with social media and its power. If you want to get REALLY strong, check out Garrett’s online coaching program BLEST Coaching! See link below!


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