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Episode 6 – 2 years of squatting, the choice of discipline, kids and squats, and having true freedom in life with Blake McIntyre

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Today’s episode is special because my guest Blake McIntyre is a great friend and mentor to me but he is also an Army Veteran, a father of three (soon to be four) and one of the most dedicated and disciplined men I’ve ever met. He exudes motivation and talks about just the grit of getting up early every day, putting in the work and making no excuses at all. He has been squatting every single day for 2 years (731 days) and has a goal of going to 1000 days, which is just under 3 years. We also go heavily into the art of discipline and what it means as well as talking about influencing our younger generation. This one has some great life lessons and quotes, so listen in!

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