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Episode 14: From Afghanistan to Shark Tank, creating a brand that represents what you believe in, and why silkies are awesome with Dale King of Doc Spartan.

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Today I had the opportunity to talk to Dale King, founder and Co-owner
of Doc Spartan, a brand of hand care products derived from time on the battlefield and
in the gym. Dale owns PSKC CrossFit in Portsmouth, Ohio, served in the US Army as
an intelligence officer and has been featured on the popular ABC television show “Shark
Tank.” Dale has also co-founded #TeamSomeAssemblyRequired which is comprised
completely of adaptive athletes that travel all over the country competing and displaying
their talents despite having limb amputations and other “disabilities,” as they may be

I got to ask Dale about running this enterprise, what his experience was like being on
Shark Tank and his best lessons learned from the battlefield to the gym. Dale is
someone I really admire for his talents and diversity as well as the grit and tenacity he
displays in making sure he trains as hard as he works on the business front. Not to
mention he looks killer in a pair of silkies, and if you don’t know what those are, tune in
to this episode!

Follow Dale’s pursuits #TeamSomeAssemblyRequired by contacting if you want to volunteer or know an adaptive
athlete that needs a competitive home. You can find their products on Instagram or
facebook @docspartanproducts. Finally you can find Dale in his gym PSKC crossfit or
contact him directly via Thanks for listening guys and I hope you
get something out of this episode!