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Episode 13 – Addressing lasting issues and dealing with pain before it gets out of control with DC Ben Ramos of FlowForce Rehab.

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On this episode I sit down with my good friend and
doctor of Chiropractic Ben Ramos to discuss the rehab process and how
you should be getting out of pain instead of just dealing with it! Ben is
incredibly knowledgeable and drops all sorts of bombs about how you can
still train but get yourself away from pain without regressing!
We get into the process behind pain and why we all just want to train
through things, mostly because the medical system often fails us or we
don’t feel understood. Ben and I give some tips on how to modify your
movement or your workouts so that you can come back stronger without
deconditioning in the process.
If you like this episode, go check out Ben online at,
follow him on Instagram @flowforcerehab or also on! Ben is definitely going to be back on the
show later on to talk more in depth about some rehab specifics joint by joint
so stay tuned, leave me a review and leave some questions along with it!
Thanks for listening!