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Episode 12: Transitioning from CrossFit to weightlifting, the CrossFit games and why being hilarious is more important than being strong with Jacob Heighes

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In this episode KDA Coach Tom Stein-Cartford talks to Jacob Heighes, the co-owner of CrossFit Myriad in Redlands, CA and a 77kg weightlifter and former CrossFit Games athlete from Team CDR Redlands. Jacob and Tom discuss his transition to weightlifting full time, how competition compares in CrossFit to being on the platform and how he got into being a gym owner and a coach. Jacob is one of the funniest guys you’ll ever met and has a great perspective on staying motivated in training. He offers some really helpful tips for anyone trying to run a gym and train full time, or for those looking to make the full time
transition to weightlifting from CrossFit.

Check out Jacob’s Instagram accounts @jacobheighes for hilarious videos or his
weightlifting account for awesome lifts @heighesweightlifting. You can also follow him
on facebook or twitter @jacobheighes.