Meet the KDA CrossFit Team


Meet the KDA coaching staff! These are the guys and gals who train our amazing athletes every day. We've cultivated a crew of optimistic, fun loving and inspirational people with some serious coaching skills and amazing athletic ability.
  • Ryan Bucciantini

    Owner, Founder, Visionary

    Ryan Bucciantini is the owner, founder and visionary here at KDA CrossFit. He founded KDA with a simple (but important) goal – to help people in his area move smarter and safer.

    “Everyone is a puzzle mentally and physically. Helping athletes push through their limits is one of my greatest drives in life.”

    Ryan is a 3 year Olympic Distance Triathlete, has been competing in CrossFit for 7 years, and has been training for ultra-marathons for the last year. He’s also currently coming up on 13 years of Active Duty in the Coast Guard.


    • ELDOA L-3 Practitioner
    • CrossFit L-1
    • CrossFit Movement & Mobility
    • StrongFit Certified
    • FMS 1 Certified
    • BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach
    • OPEX CCP 1 (In Progress)
  • Christina Sloyer

    Chief Operating Officer & Head Trainer

    Christina Sloyer is the COO and Head Trainer here at KDA CrossFit. She specializes in gymnastics, bodyweight movement, and helping her athletes move with ease.

    “I love the excited “ah-ha” moments when people make a connection about a movement, or do something they’ve never done before. I love helping people reach their goals – it’s what I was meant to do.”

    Coach Christina comes to KDA CrossFit with a lifetime of athletic accomplishments. At an early age, she was a level 6 gymnast. Then she became a division 2 All-American pole vaulter becoming a former record holder in both her high school and college. More recently, she placed 10th in the CrossFit SoCal Regional in 2013, 14th in the world on Team CrossFit Intensify at the CrossFit Games in 2012, and 21st in the CrossFit Northwest Regional in 2011.

    “I needed a physical outlet after my post-collegiate track career was ending. I tried a CrossFit the week I moved to Oregon because my new college’s gym was closed and I fell in love and never looked back. I got my Level 1 thanks to CFI in Oregon and ended up at KDA after I moved back to San Diego and decided to help Ryan pursue his dreams of opening a box and changing lives!”


    • CrossFit L-2
    • CrossFit Mobility & Movement
    • ELDOA L-1 Practitioner
    • Precision Nutrition 1 (In Progress)
  • Tom Stein-Cartford


    Tom has been participating and coaching CrossFit for over 8 year, specializing in movement, mobility, and weightlifting.

    He loves “pushing the limits of human performance both mentally and physically and seeing hard work pay off in the form of athletes discovering what they are capable of.”

    Tom played hockey for 13+ years, tennis for 8 years, recreational soccer for 6 years, downhill skiing for over 10 years, and now CrossFit for the last 8 years. His journey to being a coach started when he was an athletic kid, and continued when he was a  Marine Corps infantryman from 2008-2015. He earned his CF-L1 in 2012 and quickly starting using his knowledge to train other Marines and sailors while deployed.

    “I specialize in and self-admittedly obsess over bio-mechanics and how they relate to olympic weightlifting, and most functional movements.  I believe in the capabilities of every person, without limits, and especially in helping them achieve new physical heights through excellent movement and the simple methodologies that make CrossFit such a great sport.”


    • CrossFit L-2
    • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • Daniel Bliven


    Fitness, health, and wellness are Dan’s passions. They hold equal place in his heart next to the great outdoors. Growing up in New England, he had access to woods and beaches where he would wander and explore. He always wanted to travel to places where the sky opens up and the land towers over him. Dan’s first trip to Yosemite Valley was a dream come true. Bouldering and mountain biking in Southern California became his therapy. Being in the military, he was like a kid in a candy shop. He got to be outdoors, doing cool stuff, and pushing his physical boundaries. That is where he found his passion for fitness, health, and wellness, and where he realized he wanted to help others achieve their goals. That’s what he’s here for!

    Dan’s taken that idea and run with with; a sponge for knowledge, he began educating himself on any and all topics relating to health, fitness, and wellness, with a particular interest in working with tactical athletes.


    • CrossFit L-2
    • CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
    • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
    • OPEX CCP 1 (In Progress)
    • Precision Nutrition 1 (In Progress)
    • BS Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy (In Progress)
  • Derrick Clemons

    Yoga Instructor

    My experience with yoga started when I was searching for alternative forms of fitness due to numerous injuries. In 2014, I injured my knee and had to have surgery, I became fully committed to yoga since.

    Since practicing yoga, I have become better at listening to my body and a better human being overall.

    I started playing little league football at the age of 9 and stopped after three years of college football playing at Kentucky State University due to a series of constant injuries. I played basketball for one year and ran track for three years in high school. I continued to weight lift and play recreational sports in intramural leagues for football and basketball, but the injuries continued. Now I focus on yoga, calisthenics, and cardio.

    I joined the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman in 2009 and I am still active duty.

    I love fitness and I love helping others improve their fitness overall. Yoga has been such a benefit in my life that I want to share it with everyone. The awareness and consciousness that comes from yoga not only improves your physical motions, but life in general. It excites me to see people move through their journey.

    Yoga kicked my butt the first few times I took a class. I had no idea how intense it could get, but now, it’s my lifestyle.


    • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Non-Teaching with a Minor in Athletic Training and a Minor in Athletic Coaching from Kentucky State University
    • Master of Science in Sports Administration from Eastern Kentucky University
    • RYT 200 Hour Yoga Instructor
  • Brittany Bonacorso

    In-House Massage Therapist

    Brittany is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Health Educator with over five years of Bodywork experience with varied clients (treating injuries, pre/post surgery, injury prevention, and spinal issues). She has undergone 900 hours of training at The National Holistics Institute in Sacramento.

    Brittany focused on Myofascial Release Therapy, Sports and Deep Tissue massage, and went on to train at the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) in San Diego, CA (300hrs) where she focused on Structural Integration Therapy.

    Her personal athletic background includes 17 years of dance training with a background in ballet/jazz/acrobatics, 13+ years of yoga practice, 5+ years endurance training (sprints and trail running), and 1+ years of Crossfit training.

    “I have a desire to help athletes of all ages excel and become the best versions of themselves. After suffering from a few injuries that seemed to really hold me back, I dedicated my early adult years to exploring natural and holistic ways to recover. I had discovered therapeutic massage at an early age and it later lead to my passion in helping others recover and achieve their performance goals.”

    You can schedule an appointment with Brittany at KDA in her treatment room at KDA. If you don’t find her working out or between body work sessions, you can contact her at: | 619-792-6255 to schedule an appointment!


    • California Licensed Massage Therapist and Health Educator
    • Specializations in Myofascial Release Therapy, Sports and Deep Tissue massage, and Structural Integration Therapy
  • Tiffany Nalu Cooley

    In-House Acupuncturist

    Tiffany received her Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, in San Diego, CA.

    A Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Massage Therapist with 12 years of experience in the bodywork field, Tiffany has focused on treating acute and chronic pain & trauma while interning at UCSD La Jolla in the sports medicine section. She has also spent a year interning at the Rady Children’s Hospital, working with patients who suffer from adverse reactions from chemotherapy and radiation, chronic pain, eating disorders, digestive illnesses, ulcerative colitis, and many more ailments.

    She is trained in multiple therapeutic techniques including Acupuncture, Herbology, Nutrition, Cupping, Moxa, Electrical Stimulation, Gua Sha, Trigger Point Therapy, Tui Na, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Swedish, Injury & Sports Massage.

    Tiffany’s sessions are based on the written/verbal intake she performs with each client. She then develops a customized therapeutic plan to address the client’s specific needs. Included in the session, she also provides information about self-care and injury prevention, and will include nutritional advice specific to the client’s patterns.

    You can schedule an appointment with Tiffany at KDA in her treatment room. You can contact her at: | 619-957-3303 to schedule an appointment!


    • Licensed Acupuncturist
    • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Sisu

    Resident Gym Pup

    Sisu is the resident “gym dog”. His main interests include timidly and cautiously greeting visitors to the gym, sunning himself, sitting on people’s laps pre- and post-workout, and getting lots of love and attention, particularly from the ladies of KDA. Once a scared and malnourished canyon resident, Sisu used to be a seriously flight risk; now he is accustomed to his cushy gym lifestyle and shows off as one of the most muscular and athletic creatures in the gym. He does, however, still have odd quirks like his fears of hats and not being able to see people’s faces.


    • Obedience School Graduate
    • Most Agile in the Gym Award



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