Meet the OPEX San Diego North Team


Meet the OPEX San Diego | North coaching staff! These are the guys and gals who train our amazing athletes every day. We've cultivated a crew of optimistic, fun loving and inspirational people with some serious coaching skills and amazing athletic ability.

  • Ryan Bucciantini

    Owner, Founder, Visionary

    Ryan Bucciantini is the owner, founder and visionary here at OPEX San Diego | North. He founded OPEX with a simple (but important) goal – to help people in his area move smarter and safer.

    “Everyone is a puzzle mentally and physically. Helping athletes push through their limits is one of my greatest drives in life.”

    Ryan is a 3 year Olympic Distance Triathlete, has been competing in CrossFit for 7 years, and has been training for ultra-marathons for the last year. He was active duty in the US Coast Guard for 14 years and now leads OPEX full-time, pursuing his passion for health and fitness.


    • ELDOA L-3 Practitioner
    • CrossFit L-1
    • CrossFit Movement & Mobility
    • StrongFit Certified
    • FMS 1 Certified
    • BioForce Certified Conditioning Coach
    • OPEX CCP 1 (In Progress)
  • Christina Sloyer

    Chief Operating Officer & Head Trainer

    Christina Sloyer is the COO and Head Trainer here at OPEX San Diego | North. She specializes in gymnastics, bodyweight movement, and helping her athletes move with ease.

    “I love the excited “ah-ha” moments when people make a connection about a movement, or do something they’ve never done before. I love helping people reach their goals – it’s what I was meant to do.”

    Coach Christina comes to OPEX with a lifetime of athletic accomplishments. At an early age, she was a level 6 gymnast. Then she became a division 2 All-American pole vaulter becoming a former record holder in both her high school and college. More recently, she placed 10th in the CrossFit SoCal Regional in 2013, 14th in the world on Team CrossFit Intensify at the CrossFit Games in 2012, and 21st in the CrossFit Northwest Regional in 2011.

    “I needed a physical outlet after my post-collegiate track career was ending. I tried a CrossFit the week I moved to Oregon because my new college’s gym was closed and I fell in love and never looked back. I got my Level 1 thanks to CFI in Oregon and ended up at OPEX after I moved back to San Diego and decided to help Ryan pursue his dreams of opening a gym and changing lives!”


    • CrossFit L-2
    • CrossFit Mobility & Movement
    • ELDOA L-1 Practitioner
    • Precision Nutrition 1 (In Progress)
  • Daniel Bliven


    Fitness, health, and wellness are Dan’s passions. They hold equal place in his heart next to the great outdoors. Growing up in New England, he had access to woods and beaches where he would wander and explore. He always wanted to travel to places where the sky opens up and the land towers over him. Dan’s first trip to Yosemite Valley was a dream come true. Bouldering and mountain biking in Southern California became his therapy. Being in the military, he was like a kid in a candy shop. He got to be outdoors, doing cool stuff, and pushing his physical boundaries. That is where he found his passion for fitness, health, and wellness, and where he realized he wanted to help others achieve their goals. That’s what he’s here for!

    Dan’s taken that idea and run with with; a sponge for knowledge, he began educating himself on any and all topics relating to health, fitness, and wellness, with a particular interest in working with tactical athletes.


    • CrossFit L-2
    • CrossFit Aerobic Capacity
    • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
    • OPEX CCP 1 (In Progress)
    • Precision Nutrition 1 (In Progress)
    • BS Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy (In Progress)


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