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9 Ways to De-Stress

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  1. Reduce Phone/Social Media Time 

Looking at your phone is a time-suck, and gets us into a comparative mindset; as the saying goes, “Comparison is the death of joy.” Spend time and energy with the people around you, or in a quiet moment, enjoy some still and mindful reflection.

  1. Eat Real Food

Eat clean and take care of your body. The food you eat directly affects your hormones, which in turn effect how you look, feel, sleep, workout, etc. Not sure how? Email us and we will get you started on the right track!

  1. Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Control

When you get stressed, stop and ask yourself “What CAN I control here?” This will get you thinking logically and building action steps, and help you have a clearer understanding of the situation and what can be done.

  1. Sleep WELL

Your body can go longer without food or water than it can without sleep. And it’s not just a matter of quantity, but also quality. Start with going to sleep in an environment without stimuli like phones, iPads, lights, clocks, and televisions. These not only emit blue light, which disturbs REM, but they also get your brain thinking and prevent restful, restorative sleep.

  1. Get Organized

Go beyond a “to-do” list. These can be overwhelming and just make us crazy with the never-ending list of tasks that we will never fully finish. Block out a calendar with the tasks you need to accomplish. This goes beyond the list by carving out time to do so. Plan in some downtime and buffers for exercise, meditation, relaxation practices, etc.

  1. Stop Telling Yourself Stories That Aren’t True 

Recognize negative thoughts, and give yourself positive affirmations instead. You’ll be amazed at the effect it has on your day, mood, and productivity. Stop “should”-ing yourself too, while you’re at it. Reflect and act on what you WANT to do as opposed to what you “should” do, listening more to your heart than your ego.

  1. SMILE!

The mind-body connection runs deep. Fun fact: Even a forced smile can lift your mood and spirits!

  1. Move More

Find that hour a day to get in the gym, go on a walk during your workday, or do a yoga flow in the comfort of your home! Not only will this help you sweat out some of your tension, but will release endorphins, making you feel awesome, boosting your mood, and giving you more energy for the rest of your day!

  1. Begin & End Each Day with Gratitude 

Calling attention to what you’re grateful for changes your mentality and mood positively!


Life is too short to spend stressed all the time! It’s a work in progress for us all, but deliberately practicing habits like these help us ward off perpetual stress cycles! Your KDA Coaches are here to help and support you in your journey!