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14 Sept 2017 KDA CrossFit in San Diego

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14 Sept 2017 KDA CrossFit in San Diego

400m Run
Plate Shoulder Circles
Shoulder Open/Closes
Banded Good Morning
200m Run

Test Max UB Pullups

3min AB easy

EMOM 6-8 @30% of UB Pullups

Stop if you can’t complete the 30% within the minute


4-5 sets
100m Sled Drag (walking)
100m Bear Hug Sand Bag Carry

Sandbag Carry 100′

Deadlift 6-8 reps
3 sets in 12min

Russian Step Up
x20 per side then rest 1min x2 on24/20in box

3 rounds
1min Russian KB Swing
1min Hollow Rock
1min Jump Rope (Double or SIngle Under)

Training Notes:
Sport: Today is our initial UB Pullup test, make sure to record this number. We’ll EMOM with 30% of your UB number then finish off the day with some strongman work.

Lifestyle: You guys have a lower body focused day with some strongman work added in to keep things spicy. Make sure in the deadlift you’re focusing on strong bracing mechanics and making sure to not hold onto to bar if the reps start to deteriorate as you get to reps 6-8.