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12 Sept 2017 KDA CrossFit in San Diego

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12 Sept 2017 KDA CrossFit in San Diego


AB 3min
Mini Band Leg Lifts
DB OH Walk
Hip Extensions
Deep Ab Activation

AMRAP 30-60
500m Row
25 cal Air Bike

Back Squat @4010, 8-10 x 3

Bottoms Up Reverse Lunge + RNT 8-10 x4

3 sets
15 Wall Ball w/ Pause
:30 Sorenson

Plank/Side Plank/Side Plank :30/:30/:30 Rest 1min x3

Sled Pull 400m

Training Notes:
Sport: After yesterdays memorial WOD we want to normalize our bodies to retest our Snatch on Wednesday. Rather than totally resting and allowing your body to become stiff and sore we’re going to do some easy aerobic work. This should not be completed with intensity, this should be done at a pace that would allow you to sustain it for 3+ hours. If you’re thinking about skipping this because it’s “boring” long slow sustained cardio has been proven to:

Enhance your body’s ability to recover and transport oxygen to your muscles when you are working harder.

Increasing the enzymes needed for muscle endurance.

Fatty acid usage (fats comprise 50 to 60 percent of the energy expenditure during a bout of low intensity exercise of long duration).

Develop a Healthy heart, lungs and overall cardiovascular system.

Promotes your ability to recover quicker between intense training sessions.

Lifestyle: You guys are working some squat development specifically controlling the lowering of the squat, the position of the knee, and activation of the glute.